The Roundup: October 14, 2022

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Sending solidarity and care after a heavy week.

We know that all of our communities have been impacted by the news that broke last weekend around the leaked audio of LA City Council. This recording exposed their Anti-Black and Anti-Indigenous racism, as well as the harmful views they hold towards people of Armenian, Jewish, and AAPI descent, and working class people and renters.

Their comments come on the heels of their racist policies — ones that have harmed vulnerable people, with real and lasting impact that ripples through our communities. These council members have committed their political clout and directed funding to oppress our communities, from unethical redistricting, to criminalizing houselessness, to increasing LAPD funding instead of investing in proven strategies of prevention and care.

We see this as an opportunity to take a critical look at all of Los Angeles’ city policies. We see this as a chance to demand real accountability from our elected officials. We can harness this moment to further root out racism and corruption, and build a #PeopleFirst #CareFirst future for Los Angeles.

Keep reading for details on critical actions this week and find out how you can get involved in transforming our local government. We also want to make sure you catch the opportunities below for sharing space, from fun and casual postcarding events, to healing yoga sessions this Saturday. Most importantly, sign the petition demanding the resignation of these City Council members below.

In solidarity and love
The LD Team

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