The Roundup – May 20, 2022

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Dear La Defensa Family,

We are heartbroken as, this week, our communities have been confronted by multiple instances of white supremacist violence and extremism. We’re holding loved ones close as we grieve the stolen lives of Black community members in Buffalo. We’re standing in solidarity with one another and demanding we #StopAsianHate in light of multiple racist acts of violence towards Asian community members in Southern California.

As we grieve and struggle to respond, we are reminded that white supremacy happens at every level of society, every day. It is woven into the foundational fabric of our society. We commit ourselves to dismantling deadly white supremacist policies, structures, and culture.

We affirm our deep love of Black folks, and, for those of us who are not Black, our deep solidarity with Black people and communities.

We stand with Asian communities as we affirm: #EndWhiteSupremacy.

Please read our Instagram post sharing our commitment to the safety and THRIVING of all Black people, and highlighting the need to reject white violence, here. We also share ways to support abolitionist and mutual aid efforts in Buffalo, and locally.

Read more and take critical action against anti-Asian violence, below.


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