Reproductive Justice Media Statement

Los Angeles (June 24, 2022) – This morning the Supreme Court published a final opinion that confirmed May SCOTUS leak. The Court ruled that abortion is a Constitutional right, signaling that the states will make decisions about the right to abortion for their constituencies.

Within minutes, Eric Schmitt, Missouri’s Republican Attorney General, signed an opinion effectively ending abortions throughout Missouri. This swift blow to the reproductive freedoms of people who can give birth signals not only an attack on fundamental human rights, but is also grounded in the context of an austerity state. Child welfare, universal pregnancy and parental leave, food and housing security, universal public daycare, and fully funded public education have never been actualized. Instead, efforts to foster these protections are constantly under attack.

La Defensa’s work to foster judicial accountability and transform the judiciary at the local level are a direct answer to these attacks on fundamental human rights. La Defensa’s judicial accountability table, the resounding advancements of all four of The Defenders of Justice – progressive cis women judicial candidates – beyond the primary election and into the General Election, and La Defensa’s RateMyJudge website are all interventions against the judiciary’s opacity, racism, and misogyny.

» Read the full statement here (PDF)

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