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5 days ago

La Defensa
🌈✨🙌🏽 La Defensa is overjoyed to honor #PRIDE <3. Pride is and HAS ALWAYS BEEN an abolitionist resistance to homophobic and transphobic, white supremacist state violence, from #StonewallRebellion to the rebellion at the #BlackCatTavern here in Los Angeles.⁣🏳️‍⚧️ 🏳️‍🌈  This month and always, we honor those who have long fought for queer liberation before us, and forged a path that we can walk on. We look to queer and trans elders and trailblazers like those pictured above: Marsha P. Johnson, James Baldwin, Sylvia Rivera, Frida Kahlo, Miss Major, Bayard Rustin, Gloria Anzaldúa, and MJ Rodriguez, for their tremendous contributions to our movements, to the culture, and to #QueerCommunity.⁣👉🏽 Painfully, BIPOC LBG and TGI community members are most disproportionately harmed and criminalized by the criminal legal system. As our folks know, Queer and Trans folks experience harassment, illegal, racist profiling by law enforcement, and longer sentences and inhumane treatment in the prison industrial complex. ⁣📢 Our fight is led by those most impacted: Black, Brown and Indigenous Queer and Trans people. We honor the Queer and Trans leaders and elders in our coalition spaces, who have been such fierce organizers and caring community members, as we collectively move towards our vision for queer abolitionist futures. Shouting out just a FEW of the MANY folks who lead this work: ⁣💛 Bamby Salcedo ( @LaBamby ) ⁣💙 Ezak Perez ( @EzakPerez ) ⁣❤️ Brian Kaneda ( @crisis_dad )  ⁣🧡 Ivette Alé ( @Hi_Femme ) ⁣💚 Ron Collins ( @QueerBlackStar ) ⁣🖤 Patrisse Cullors ( @OsopePatrisse ) ⁣🤎 Janaya FUTURE Khan ( @JanayaTheFuture ) ⁣💜 Dahlia Ferlito ( @DahliaSeed ) ⁣💗 T.K. McNair ( @BrownBoiTK )⁣🌈 We look to these folks’ leadership and others’ as we fight for gender justice and queer liberation during PRIDE and all year long! 💃🏽🕺🏽 ⁣#PRIDE #Queer #LGB #TGI #They #Them #Elle #PrideMonth #ChosenFamily #TransIsBeautiful #BlackTransLivesMatter #FemmesForAbolition #GenderJustice #Abolition #CareNotCages  #Solidarity #SocialJustice #SocialMovements ... See MoreSee Less
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6 days ago

La Defensa
🌸 We need YOU, to apply to  join our TEAM! Our Measure J Media and Comms Coordinator Role closes tomorrow, June 11, at 5PM! 📲 Join us in the fight by applying at to tell us all about yourself!⁣💭 Do you enjoy crafting the perfect social media post? 💬 Do you enjoy storytelling and uplifting the voices and experiences of others? 📰 Do you like having your finger on the pulse of the media, tracking the latest stories and keeping in touch with journalists and editors? ✏️ Are you someone who has always had a way with words? 🖤 Are you passionate about fighting for an LA County and a world centered on equity, justice, abolition, and feminism? ⁣⁣✊🏽 We’re looking for folks to join the #LaDefensa Team and our #CommunicationsTeam to tell the story of #MeasureJ and fight for the most just and generous implementation of #MeasureJ possible! 💓 We’re also looking for someone who will be part of the #LaDefensa family, and will build with us to continue growing as an organization in all of our justice fights!⁣✊🏼 Join an organization led by abolitionist femmes-of-color who practice what they preach and build grassroots leaders to do the same!💻 Our work is remote, yet deeply grounded in community, with in-person and virtual events as a critical part of the job!⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣📲 Learn more about us on our socials as well as by visiting our site at📲 Learn more about @Reimagine_LA by visiting the Coalition’s IG as well as⁣⁣⁣🙏🏽 We can’t wait to meet you! <3⁣⁣#ReimagineLA #MeasureJ #CommunicationsJobs #FreeThemALL #Abolition #CareNOTCages #UnapologeticallyFemme #FemmeForward #LaDefensa #CommunityPower #FemmeSquad #ApplyNOW ... See MoreSee Less
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1 week ago

La Defensa
💞 We’re grateful for the bold, quick-witted leadership of our Co-Founder and Dignity and Power NOW Senior Policy Lead ( @DignityAndPowerNow ) , and  @JusticeLaNow and @Reimagine_LA Organizer Ivette Alé. Today is their BORN DAY and we are EXCITED to celebrate with them as they enter another year around the sun during LEGENDARY #GeminiSeason , and very close to the solar eclipse. 💃🏻 Ivette is a queer femme who embodies and exemplifies all that it means to be #FIERCE and driven! Their powerful leadership and visionary, solutions-oriented mindset drives forward so much of the work we collectively do each day. 💯 They strive for excellence in all that they do, and push others to do the same, in both strategic organizing, as well as aesthetics, living up to our values, and building the world we want to live in. They build the leadership of others, and invest in those around them in ways that make our collective work stronger.🍹 Ivette’s passion for Tiki drinks and specialty rums, curation of beautiful home decor, (vintage blow fish and mid-century art melange, anyone?!), taste in delicious house and 💿 disco music, and love for their 🐱 cat, Coco, are just a few of the things that make them special. They are most likely to be seen at community events with impeccably styled cat-eye shades, perfectly winged black liner, and immaculate full-volume hair waves. We admire how they prioritize celebrating life with their loved ones. 🎉 💗💪🏽 Bringing two decades of organizing experience, an incisive abolitionist analysis, and a queer femme approach -- one that rejects compulsory heterosexuality and patriarchal leadership -- to our work and to our team, we are constantly humbled to work alongside them.🎈Happy Birthday, Ivette, from the La Defensa Team! We are grateful to organize with you, and to enjoy the finer things in life with you! 🌴#HappyBirthday #LaDefensaBirthday #LaDefensa #FelizCumpleaños #HiFemme #JusticeLA #ReimagineLA #Fierce #Femme #Abolition #AbolitionistFemme #FemmesForTheRevolution #CatsAgainstFacism #CoCo ... See MoreSee Less
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2 weeks ago

La Defensa
👯‍♀️ Squaddddddd! <3 💗 #LaDefensa’s #ProjectCoordinator and #MediaAndCommsSpecialist hangin’ out at our #RateMyJudge website soft-launch event. 🌸 We had such a great time being in community, and we can’t wait to hear folks’ reactions to the site! ✊🏼 To #JudicialAccountability, reducing the size and scope of the judiciary, and being in community with each other while doing it!📲 Sign up here to get updates about #RateMyJudge and to get plugged in to #LaDefensa ‘s work: ♥️ Also, we rely on community like YOU to support our work, including the #RateMyJudge work.  💛  Support our work with your extra resources, here: 🙏🏽 We can’t thank you enough for helping us build abolitionist grassroots organizing in LA County!#RateMyJudge #PoliticsAndPupusas #FemmeSquad #LaDefensa #Abolition #JudgeTheJudge #SupportOurWork #AbolitionistOrganizing ⁣⁣⁣ ... See MoreSee Less
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3 weeks ago

La Defensa
🌸 JOIN OUR TEAM! ⁣⁣⁣✊🏽 We’re hiring a talented, passionate, and hardworking #MeasureJ Communications and Media Coordinator. Applications are due 6/11 at 5PM! ⁣→ Be a part of an organization led by visionary femmes-of-color fighting for abolition in LA County, Statewide, and beyond.⁣→ Fight alongside the @Reimagine_LA Coalition and with the #LaDefensa team for social justice, equity, and to build community power.⁣→ Work remotely, and still be grounded in a strong sense of community and place, with LA County’s essence permeating all that we do.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣💗 At La Defensa, our team values centering the leadership of impacted people, building leadership from the ground up, and working together towards bold organizing goals. Don't tell us we can't, because we WILL!⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣📲 Join us in the fight by applying at to tell us all about yourself!⁣📲 Learn more about us on our socials as well as by visiting our site at📲 Learn more about @Reimagine_LA by visiting the Coalition’s IG as well as⁣⁣⁣🙏🏽 We can’t wait to get to know you, and to struggle forward in this fight together!⁣⁣⁣#ReimagineLA #MeasureJ #CommunicationsJobs #FreeThemALL #Abolition #CareNOTCages #UnapologeticallyFemme #FemmeForward #LaDefensa #CommunityPower #FemmeSquad ... See MoreSee Less
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No mandated community forums or oversight bodies exist to assess the effectiveness & integrity of probation-led pretrial programs. @CAGovernor , @GavinNewsom @GovPressOffice We #RejectProbationDollars and demand #CareNotProbation !

. @CAGovernor @GavinNewsom Probation-led pretrial programs use intensive monitoring in place of actual services. In 1 review, 97% of those on @CountyofLA supervised release charged w/ misdemeanors were subjected 2 electronic monitoring

. @CAgovernor @GavinNewsom @GovPressOffice LISTEN TO THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE OF CA!!! Community has vital insight to share about the way you spend OUR tax dollars! Voters and community members have BEEN SAYING #CareNotProbation #RejectProbationDollars

.@CAGovernor @GavinNewsom @GovPressOffice we REJECT your probation-led pretrial pilots and #RejectProbationDollars ! DON'T STRIKE A BACKROOM DEAL with probation and ignore the will of the people! LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE OF CA, who demand #CareNotProbation !

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