La Defensa’s 5 Days of Year in Review

2022 Year in Review

A look back at the work we did in 2022 This post was originally an email series with additional content. You can read the individual emails here. REIMAGINE LA  THE DEFENDERS OF JUSTICE RATE MY JUDGE LEADERSHIP TRANSITION OPERATIONS & COMMS Some of our favorite moments from the past year From left to right, starting at … Read more

The Roundup: November 17, 2022

» Full newsletter here  It’s been almost two weeks since Election Day, And while we’re still waiting for every ballot to be tallied, we now have a pretty good idea of how many of the races will shake out, though we’ll be glued to the election results until the final votes are counted in the … Read more

The Roundup: November 6, 2022

» Full newsletter here  ELECTION DAY IS NIGH! It’s been quite a journey to this election. We’ve given you the resources, a voter guide, and our insights, and now the rest is up to YOU! We know there are some community members who are unable to vote, and that’s why it’s extra important that, if … Read more

The Roundup: October 21, 2022

» Full newsletter here  Dear La Defensa Community, Our team has some phenomenal news to share with you all: We have new leadership! We are thrilled to introduce you to our new Executive Director Ivette Alé-Ferlito. Ivette, one of the co-founders of La Defensa, has officially taken the helm of the organization, as our other … Read more

The Roundup: October 14, 2022

» Full newsletter here  Sending solidarity and care after a heavy week. We know that all of our communities have been impacted by the news that broke last weekend around the leaked audio of LA City Council. This recording exposed their Anti-Black and Anti-Indigenous racism, as well as the harmful views they hold towards people … Read more

The Roundup: October 7, 2022

» Full newsletter here  Hey ghoul, hey! It’s officially SPOOKY SEASON! Are you howling with delight at the prospect of jumping into this weekend with Politics & Pints at the Defenders of Justice postcard party? Polishing your magnificent fangs in preparation for upcoming community actions next week? Is your wand at the ready to help … Read more

The Roundup – Sept 23, 2022

» Full Newsletter Here  Happy weekend to you, friends, Across our coalition spaces, we have been waiting for LA County’s $39 billion budget to be finalized and we now have a first look at the changes – it’s not good! This supplemental budget, which is the finalized budget, incorporates any updates and changes to the … Read more

The Roundup – Sept. 9, 2022

→ Full newsletter here Happy weekend! The LD team is in action, as we get ready for the County’s supplemental budget to drop and gear up for the November election. The Defenders of Justice are in the final stretch of campaigning to win their seats in this election after progressing in the primaries, and we’ll … Read more

The Roundup – August 19, 2022

→ Full newsletter here drumroll, please 🥁  Join in the relaunch campaign kickoff for The Defenders of Justice this Saturday in Long Beach! We’ll be knocking doors to connect with voters about the four judicial candidates who are about to make history in LA County, when they WIN their judicial races this November. It’s going to … Read more

The Roundup Midsummer Victories – July 29, 2022

→ Full newsletter here Hello, friends: Last week, our team had the pleasure of meeting in-person for a La Defensa Strategy Retreat at the beautiful Robinson Space. We talked about what we’ve accomplished and where we’re going. We envisioned ways to continue to build on our work, and build our team in a way that … Read more

The Roundup – July 16, 2022

→ Full newsletter here Happy weekend! For our team at La Defensa, summer means regrouping, strategizing, and deepening our relationships. We’re taking a much needed breath in the space between these golden days of summer and this fall’s general election, which promises to be spicy. 🌶 We hope you have some hot summer plans to … Read more

The Roundup – July 8, 2022

→ Full newsletter here Happy Friday! 🎉 Calling all community members to come through for next week’s important actions! Join us and our partner coalitions to demand accountability from the Board of Supervisors to #CheckTheSheriff, and lend your support in the ongoing battle to #CloseCAPrisons. While it may seem like the work is never done … Read more

The Roundup – July 1, 2022

→ Full newsletter here Happy Friday, friends! Thank you for joining us in the important actions we’ve taken so far this year. We salute the people POWER you have flexed to demand funding from local and state government bodies for #CareFirst initiatives. Election results are in. Huge community mobilization made it possible for many of … Read more

The Roundup – June 10, 2022

→ Full newsletter here Happy Friday, Friends! Like you, we’re biting our nails in anticipation of primary election results (the final counts will be dropped on July 1). 👀 Luckily, there are many opportunities for us to fill the time with important actions between now and then. Join us and our partner orgs for these events coming up next week. We’ve compiled some helpful voter … Read more

The Roundup – June 3, 2022

→ Full newsletter here Happy Friday, friends – It’s almost Election Day, and we bet you’re as excited as we are to vote for The Defenders of Justice — and other progressive candidates in LA and California — in the Primary Election on Tuesday. We hope you’ll come out and canvass with us this last weekend before the … Read more

The Roundup – June 1, 2022

→ Full newsletter here JOIN US TONIGHT To Get Out the Vote for the Defenders of Justice! Happy Wednesday, friends – For the last several weeks, we have been text banking for The Defenders of Justice ahead of the June 7 the primary election. It has been so restorative and heartening to see friendly faces and meet new folks … Read more

The Roundup – May 25, 2022

→ Full newsletter here Dear La Defensa Family, We know that many of you, like us, are bearing huge grief under the weight of violent attacks on our communities across the country in the past several weeks. As you focus on your own healing today, and on holding up your loved ones with care, we … Read more

The Roundup – May 20, 2022

→ Full newsletter here Dear La Defensa Family, We are heartbroken as, this week, our communities have been confronted by multiple instances of white supremacist violence and extremism. We’re holding loved ones close as we grieve the stolen lives of Black community members in Buffalo. We’re standing in solidarity with one another and demanding we … Read more