Community Organizer

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Submit your Application This position must be filled in a timely manner and qualified applicants will be subjected to a quick turnaround. Interviews may start as early as the week of April 11, 2022. POSITION SUMMARY:  The La Defensa Community Organizer is a part-time, non-exempt position that is primarily responsible for aiding in the day-to-day … Read more

Field & Outreach Director

Submit your Application POSITION SUMMARY: The Field and Outreach Director is a permanent, full-time, exempt position that supports La Defensa’s local and statewide campaigns by implementing strategic field operations and community outreach for membership development. The position reports directly to the Executive Director. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Field Operations Manage the day-to-day field operations with … Read more

Algorithms Should Not Determine Freedom: MIT Researchers Affirm Community Demands.

The United States criminal legal system has created the world’s largest prison population and, through this mass incarceration, has destroyed countless lives and caused untold harm to Black, Brown and poor communities throughout the country. The injustice of this system is acute in its pretrial detention practices, which hold accused people, who are legally innocent, locked in jails while awaiting trial, unless they have enough money to pay bail.

Proposición 25: fianzas y libertad condicional

En poco más de dos meses, los californianos acudirán a las urnas para votar no sólo por un nuevo presidente sino también para decidir el futuro de varias proposiciones que afectarán sus vidas y las vidas de sus seres queridos. Una de las tantas iniciativas que se votarán en noviembre es la proposición 25, que se refiere al pago de fianza y la libertad condicional.

Op-ed: LA county jails were already in Crisis.

Last week, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors took a transformative and historic step forward by adopting the groundbreaking alternatives to incarceration roadmap. Only one year ago, the board began this paradigm shift by cancelling jail construction projects that would have cost LA County residents billions of dollars.