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Los Angeles: The epicenter of mass incarceration.

Approximately 44% of the people held in LA County jails are pretrial, meaning they are legally innocent and have not been convicted of the purported crime. That amounts to 7,500 people denied the presumption of innocence every day in Los Angeles. La Defensa fights back against pretrial incarceration, defending our constitutional right to freedom in Los Angeles and across California.


Life-affirming alternatives to incarceration

Rights And Policy Protection

We build a broad anti-racist, feminist, and anti-capitalist movement led by the people most impacted by criminalization, economic injustice, and other forms of state control in LA County.

We're on a mission

But we can’t do this without you – the community

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Building the power of communities

A project of Tides Advocacy, our organization is leading a movement to decarcerate the largest jail population in the United States: the LA County jail system, by reducing the power and scope of the judiciary, law enforcement and the legal injustice system. We do this by fighting for a fair and transparent pretrial process, State and local budgets that reflect our values, life-affirming alternatives to incarceration, and judicial accountability.



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